MissLou drives to Okemos
Fun Times riding together
Just a "few" leotards
It can take quite a few "tries" before finding the proper fit
274 miles for Pointe shoes
(and Death by Chocolate)
Lee- who because of her expertise has people come from all over Michigan- doesnt just sell shoes but TEACHES us about them.
EXCITED- Every trip - not two blocks from
Bottoms Up- and the shoes are out of their bags and "OOHs and AAHS" are heard from the back seat!
An LCDS "tradition" - A stop at QD to get "Death by Chocolate" ice cream
LCDS is the only area studio that offers dancing "En Pointe"- Dancers are carefully trained for their physical well being and never allowed to dance "on their toes" until individually ready. When that happens- a FUN road trip to purchase pointe shoes.