The studio floor at LCDS is a "floating floor"-one that protects your dancer
from injuries that would otherwise happen on an unsafe/unsprung floor.
Laminate over carpet or concrete is not safe! Tile floors are slippery.

Under each 4 x 8 sheet of flooring are 96 high density foam blocks!
Yes, Mr Lou (also known as Mr Glue) attached them one by one....for the new studio we had lots of help to put the blocks on the additional floor.
This gives the floor it's spring-and prevents shin splints, knee and foot trama-
even protects your dancer's back!

The flooring in the studio has a coating of a product known as Slip-No-More
which does just that- keeps the varnished flooring from being slippery.

Your body- your instrument - is important enough for us to care and make sure that you have a proper facility in which to dance.

LCDS Puts Your Dancer's Instrument- Their Bodies- First!