The schedule may change if class minimum is not met.
Each student pays a $10.00 Registration Fee with the first month's tuition.

Tuition fees are PER MONTH with the studio having a 9.5 month year.
September through April are monthly and May/June are to be paid as 1.5 months and due in May.

For your convenience we have an upgraded computer system that will allow auto pay using your credit or debit card. So not only will this upgrade make it smoother for you to pay for classes it will allow MissLou to spend more time on dance education and less time concerned with the business.

All accounts must have a card on file
. If you register online there is a place to add your card You will need to sign the registration and credit card permission form by the first class.

* Option 1: Auto pay with card on file, charged on the first of the month. No late fees, no worries!

*Option 2: Cash or check each month. If not paid by the 10th, your card on file will be charged on the 11th with a $8.00 late fee assessed.

*Option 3: Pay by the semester ( September 10th /January 10th) and receive 5% discount.

If you have questions concerning the payment system, please call 924-4288.

LCDS is "big" on Traditions. What started out as calling the advanced class the "Big Girls"- the youngest class the "Babies" has developed into Fun names for each level. - part of what makes LCDS UNIQUE.

4:00-4:30 BITTY BALLERINAS Ages 3-4 (Creative Movement)…..$31.00
4:30-5:45 RUGRATETTES Ages 9-11 (Ballet Tap Combo with exp.)…..$44.00
5:45-7:15 RUGRATS (Invitation Only)……$50.00
7:15-8:30/8:45 BIG GIRLS (Invitation Only)…..$50.00

4:15-5:00 BARRE BELLES Ages 6-8 (Ballet)…..$35.00
5:00-5:30 BITTY BALLERINAS Ages 3-4 (Creative Movement)…..$31.00
5:30-6:30 M &Mettes (Ages 7-9- Beginning Ballet Tap Combo)…..$42.00
6:30-??? SO I THINK I CAN DANCE….. $38.00

4:45-5:30 TWINKLE TOES Pre Ballet (Ages 5-7) …..$35.00
5:30-6:00 BITTY BALLERINAS (Ages 3-4)…..$31.00
6:00-7:00 M and M's Ages 8-10 Ballet Tap Combo w/exp…..$42.00
7:00-8:30 BIG GIRLS 2nd class Pointe/Prepointe…..*$20.00
(*This is the 2nd class per week discounted price)

The first member pays the full price for the longest lesson.
2nd Member.....deduct $5.00 per month
3rd Member.....deduct $10.00 per month
4th Member…..deduct $15.00 per month